Mcclure's Magazine

McClure's ranks with Harper's, Cosmopolitan, and Hearst's as the pinnacles of American journalism in the early years of the 20th Century. Some of the pieces they published literally rocked the world. 

This issue is McClure's June 1899. . The main features are the astounding scoop McClure's got in announcing the invention of radio by Marconi, with exclusive photographs ; Ida Tarbell's definitive series on Lincoln, this installment about Lincoln's relationship with soldiers, including condemned men; Dewey's capture of Manila, fiction by Rudyard Kipling, Booth Tarkington, G. K. Turner, Kenneth Brown, illustrations by Frederick Remington (several drawings of the Indian Wars), , L. Raven-Hill, W. R. Leigh, Fletcher Ransom (several drawings by this severely underrated American genius), George Gibbs, hundreds and hundreds of period ads, including Cammeyer's Golf Shoes for men and women, ;and a dozen other features! 

McClure's Magazine June, 1899 is quite the interesting magazine. It sold for .10 a month or $1.00 a year. This was like the 'life in America' kind of thing now. With 126 pages it was WELL WORTH the money. The artwork alone is fascinating.