Painter Shows New Lincoln
Gettysburg Address Scene Dedicated by Fellowship Group

"Lincoln at Gettysburg," an oil painting by Fletcher C. Ransom, yesterday was dedicated 
by members of the Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California at a meeting in the historical room 
at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. 
The dedication marked the 75th anniversary off the Gettysburg Address. The painting, recently 
added to the forest Lawn collection, is said to be the only important painting ever made 
showing Lincoln delivering his famous address.
Robert C. Blair, 94, Commander of Stanton Post No. 55, G.A.R., was guest speaker. 
There also was an address by Ralph Lindstrom, president of the club, and an original poem on 
the Lincoln was read by Dr. Frank Brook Cogwill poet laureate of  the group. 
- November 19, 1938 -

Dr. F. D. Blakeslie, D. B. Wolcott and Robert C. Blair, left to right, officiate 
at dedication of oil painting, "Lincoln at Gettysburg," by Fletcher C. Ransom. 
The Painting is at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.