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Chicago & Illinois Midland Railway RR Calendar 1941

This painting is labeled with the title 
"A Century of Peace"

Print size
10"x 13"

Print owned by Kathy Tuason.

Spanish/American War


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"Burning the Mortgage" 
Copyright by Fletcher 1905  Osborne Co.













This is entitled "Burning the Mortgage" copyright by Fletcher 1905  Osborne Co. Osborne was a Calendar Co. This Calendar was issued by The First National Bank of Bowerston, Ohio. The print has the calendar of 1907 stapled on the bottom.
This is the story that accomplishes the print.
A day of festivity in the farmhouse, when the last dollar on the mortgage has been saved, the money paid over, and the farm cleared. It has meant years of hard work and close saving-the living-room of the farm house, poorly furnished and dingy, with the old family portrait on the wall, gives evidence that every cent above the cost of bare necessity had been put by. Season after season of anxiety until the crops had matured and were safely housed and marketed-and now the final year's harvest is complete. The country lawyer is sent for, the mortgage is satisfied, and with a feeling of  triumph too deep for words the farmer walks over to the stove, lights the corner of the paper and holds it in his hand watching the flames consume it. His wife, her arm around the youngest girl, watches it, too, with the firm smile of one who has been through the struggle and knows what victory costs. The older girl leans forward to get a glimpse of the burning paper; the boy, his head on his hand, looks on with fascination, and even the lawyer, though an outsider, smiles with good-will over their happiness. It is a common story in America among the plain people-success and prosperity won by pluck and perseverance and self-denial.

There is further comment by the publisher, 
The Osborne Co.

 Fletcher Ransom, who painted "Burning the Mortgage" is one of the most successful painters of rural life in America. He was born on a farm outside of Kalamazoo, Mi, in 1870. At the age of sixteen he entered the high school in Kalamazoo where a teacher saw signs of talent in his youthful attempt at drawing and persuaded him to enter  the Chicago Art Institute. He studied in Chicago under Vanderpoel and Freer. In 1891 he came to New York, opened a studio, and began to work for the leading magazines, such as Scribners,  Harpers, and Collier's Weekly. During the Spanish-American War,  Collier Weekly sent him to the front as their artist and he was at El Caney with Capron's Battery in the fighting around Santiago. Copyright , 1906, The Osborne Co., N.Y.

Escaping the Fire


Liberty 1918 Calendar 
"Let Us Ever Defend Her."

Nut Time

Bring Home The Bride 1908
From the Osborne Calendar Company

Digging for Worms

Don't Forget The Old Folks At Home

Indian Observation

Woods Scene

The Tenderfoot

Lincoln The Postmaster

There's No Place like Home
From the Osborne Calendar Company


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